Warranty time
Limited warranty (One year since your order date).
What Dirrelo will do in the event of a Warranty claim
The Warranty applies to the Product as originally supplied.
During the Warranty Period, Dirrelo will repair or replace the Product or any relevant parts thereof in the event of any defect in the materials and workmanship.
The consumer shall not be charged (whether for parts, labor or otherwise) for the repair or replacement of a defective Product during the Warranty Period.
What is not covered by the Warranty
This Warranty does not cover defects and damage resulting from:
a) Normal wear and tear of the item or otherwise due to the normal aging of the item.
b) The Product being used other than in a normal and customary manner.
c)Misuse, improper operation, abuse, negligence or an accident howsoever caused.
This Warranty will not be available without any proof of purchase.