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We have listed the most common troubleshooting solutions below that you may encounter when using our product. We hope they can help you troubleshoot any issues you may have. If you have other issues or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via support@dirrelo.com or customerservice@dirrelo.com. We focus on giving you only the best when it comes to customer services and high-quality products! 



  • How to pair the watch with my mobile phone? 

1. The mobile phone system requires Android 4.4 and above, or iOS 8.0 and above, and Bluetooth requires 5.2 and below to install and use.

2. Apple and Xiaomi phones can download the VeryFit APP by scanning the QR code in the manual or searching for VeryFit in the APP store/Google Play. Note: Except Apple and Xiaomi phones, other brands of mobile phones (such as Samsung, Huawei) must download VeryFit from Google Play. Otherwise, it won't be able to pair with the watch. Please do not download “VeryFitPro”, only the “VeryFit” APP.

3. After installation, please register by email. After registration, please fill in your personal information such as gender, age, height, and weight. Your private information will be protected and only used to record your health stats. If they are not filled in correctly, it will affect the accuracy of the exercise data.

4. Open the VeryFit APP on the phone, click "Device", then scan the QR code on the watch screen to pair. This method is the most effective. 

Or click to “Add Device”, select the “Watch”, move the watch close to the phone, select “GT01”, and select "√" on the watch to pair. 


  • If you cannot pair, please check for the following reasons: 

(1) Make sure your phone is running Android 4.4 or higher, or iOS 8.O or higher.
(2) Make sure you have installed the latest version V1.0.11 of the VeryFit APP.
(3) Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the watch. You can light up the screen and swipe up to check the Bluetooth icon should be visible in the top-left corner. (If Bluetooth is connected, the Bluetooth symbol in the upper left corner is static, if not, the Bluetooth in the upper left corner will be flashing).
(4) Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is enabled and working. Try closing all APPs, disable and re-enable Bluetooth, and then connect again.
(5) Make sure the watch's screen is on during the pairing process, otherwise pairing may fail. If there is no problem with the above, it is recommended to go to Settings> Bluetooth on your phone, forget “GT01” and pair it again or download the APP again!



  • How do I sync data? What should I do if the “Connection failed" message is shown?

(1) Data is automatically synced when you open the VeryFit APP. You can also swipe down on the message list on the APP's home screen to sync data.
(2) If the “Connection failed” message is shown, try the following steps:

(i) Swipe down on the home screen again.
(ii) Close and re-open the VeryFit APP.

(3) If neither of the above works, disable and re-enable Bluetooth on your phone, or restart your phone. (You can also try clearing the Bluetooth cache before restarting your phone.)

Note: On iOS devices, open the Bluetooth settings and locate your watch in the device list. Touch the symbol next to the device name and touch “Forget this Device”. Disable and re-enable Bluetooth or restart your phone. 

  • How to set the watch to receive notifications? 

Mobile phone settings:Authorize your phone to push APP (for example, Messenger) notifications to the mobile notification bar by setting the notification management menu and allow VeryFit to fetch information pushed by APP (for example, Messenger). In this way, notifications will be transmitted to the watch via Bluetooth.

Please allow VeryFit App and social media APPs such as Messenger to runs in the background without being closed. You can check settings in the management or power-saving management menu. 

VeryFit settings:

1. Open the notification list in VeryFit and allow the watch to receive information.2. DO NOT SET the “Do Not Disturb” mode in the APP. Watch settings:1. Make sure the watch and VeryFit Bluetooth are connected.

2. Check the status bar of the watch to make sure that the "Do Not Disturb" mode is off.   



  • How do l use message notifications?

The watch supports SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Skype, and email notifications. These can be configured through the VeryFit APP.

(1) Ensure that the watch is connected to your phone via Bluetooth.
(2) When you receive a message, the notification icon on the watch displays the notifications count. You can view the last ten notifications that were received.
(3) Touch and hold a notification to dismiss it. 



  • Why can’t I receive Messenger, SMS, or incoming call notifications on my watch?

(1) In the VeryFit APP, click "Device", enable the "Message notification" feature, switch on "Call Reminder", and sync your phone with the watch. On iOS devices, you must allow Bluetooth pairing before configuring this feature.

(2) Ensure that Bluetooth is always connected. The watch does not display notifications for messages or calls that are received while Bluetooth is disconnected.

(3) Messenger notifications are not shown if "Do Not Disturb" is enabled in Messenger.On your iPhone (iOS 13.0 or above), go to [Settings] > [Bluetooth] > click "i" symbol on the device to be paired in [GT01] > enable [Share System Notification].

Click here to read a more detailed instruction of this step.

(4) If the steps above still do not work, please try to delete the APP "VeryFit" and download it again to test. Or try to click "reset" on the watch and pair it again to test.  




  • Why does Bluetooth keep disconnecting?

(1) Make sure the distance between the phone and watch does not exceed 10 m, otherwise the signal may be too weak.
(2) Make sure there is nothing between the phone and watch that might obstruct the Bluetooth signal, such as your body, or metal objects, such as jewelry.
(3) Make sure the watch battery has enough power to use Bluetooth and turn on the screen.
(4) Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is working. Try closing all APPs, and then disable and re-enable Bluetooth.
(5) If the VeryFit APP is running in the background, iOS may close the APP automatically, which can cause Bluetooth to disconnect.
(6) Bluetooth may automatically disconnect if your phone is in power-saving mode or if you are using a phone manager APP. Please check your phone settings and then try again.The watch does not download weather data directly.



  •  Is the watch waterproof? Can I wear it in the shower?

The watch is IP68 water-resistant, supporting swimming, and can be worn in  cold shower.  Please do not use it in hot water.


  • Why doesn't the screen always turn on when I raise my wrist?

We have adapted this feature to prevent the screen from turning on by accident, such as when you move your arms while asleep. To turn on the screen, twist your wrist so that the screen faces upwards. We recommend that you practice this action until you get familiar with the optimum tilt angle.   



  • Why can't I sync sleep data? Why is the sleep data inaccurate?

(1) Please make sure that the device has enough power, and you need to wear it close to your wrist. The tracker only records the last period of sleep that is more than 3 hours from 0:00 to 24:00; otherwise, no new data will be available when you sync the watch with the VeryFit APP.
(2) The watch records sleep data at night, starting 30 minutes after you lie down and finishing when you sit up. Sleep is divided into deep sleep, light sleep, and wake periods. If your sleep is disrupted, such as when you get up in the night and go back to bed, this can affect the accuracy of sleep data. 


  • Do l need to enable my phone's Bluetooth all the time while wearing the watch?

(1) The watch does not need to be connected to your phone to count steps, record sleep data, or use the alarm clock function. For example, you can do your exercise while wearing your watch, and then connect the watch to your phone and perform a sync to view exercise data.
(2) Alarm Clock: Use the VeryFit APP to configure the alarm time and sync it to the watch. Once you have configured the alarm time, you can disconnect the watch from your phone.
(3) Your phone must be connected to the watch via Bluetooth to use the "Message notification", "Call reminder" and “Find My Phone” features.


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